Error 400 shown when trying to update financials and connect to QuickBooks Online

If Intuit's login screen repeatedly shows a 400 error after pressing Update Financials, you may need to clear your browsers cookies.

Option 1: 


Clear browser cookies:

  • Open Google Chrome's settings chrome://settings/
  • Scroll to down to the advanced section
  • Select Clear browsing data
  • Select Time range of 1 hour 
  • Uncheck Browser History
  • Press Clear Data 
  • Return to CashFlowTool and attempt to Update Financials again.  You may need to reload the page by pressing F5.

Option 2: 


  • Another option to try is to open a new browser window in Chrome's Incognito Mode by pressing Control-Shift-N

Option 3: 


  • Try a different browser like Firefox or Microsoft Edge.

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