CashFlowTool - General

  • Are purchase orders and sales orders from QuickBooks in CashFlowTool?

    No, CashFlowTool does not include open purchase orders or sales orders, only actual invoices (AR) and bills (AP). The information in CashFlowTool is generated from your general ledger in QuickBooks (i.e., the transactions posted to accounts). Since purchase orders and sales orders are not posted ...
  • Can I get a demo of CashFlowTool?

    Yes, please click onto this link:
  • Does CashFlowTool work for businesses and accountants?

    Yes! CashFlowTool is designed to help every business with their cash flow and also designed to enable accountants/bookkeepers to offer cash flow services to support their business clients.
  • Does CashFlowTool work with QuickBooks Desktop?

    CashFlowTool currently supports QuickBooks Desktop (Pro, Premier, Enterprise.  2012 - current).   Simply select QuickBooks Desktop as your accounting package for CashFlowTool and you will be prompted to install a small add-on called Finagraph Connect which quickly syncs your QuickBooks Desktop da...
  • Do you offer a free trial?

    Accounting Customers: We offer a free 14-day trial on our Accounting packages.  Simply go to and click on the "TRY FREE" button in the top right corner During your trial all features of CashFlowTool are enabled.  At the end of your trial, your subscription to...
  • Do you offer email support?

    Yes, all plans include email support. Select the help button on our home page to create a support ticket. We typically reply the same day.
  • Do you offer phone support?

    The Pro Plus plan provides phone support and quarterly coaching sessions. After you sign-up for Pro Plus, you will be provided details.
  • Do you offer special pricing for accountant or advisors?

    Yes, we offer special pricing for our accounting and advisor partners.  Visit here:
  • Do you offer training?

    We have the following training material available to you: Getting Started Check out our getting started page to see a number of short videos to get you up and running quickly. Online Training & Certification Business Cash Flow Essentials Cou...
  • Do you support Xero accounting package?

    At this time, CashFlowTool does not support Xero.  If you are interested in using CashFlowTool with Xero, contact us via chat and ask to be put on our waiting list.
  • How can I invite users to my business?

    To invite users to collaborate with your business in CashFlowTool, follow these steps: Select the gear next to the business name Select team members Select invite team member Fill in team member name and email Check all permissions that you would like to grant to the invited user When finished, ...
  • How do I delete a business?

    To delete a business in CashFlowTool, please follow directions below: 1.      Select the gear icon next to the business name 2.      Scroll down to the bottom and click the “Delete Business” button    Note:  If you have team members that you have added to the business to collaborate with, you mus...
  • How do I recover or change my user password?

    From the CashFlowTool login screen, select the 'I forgot my password' option.  An email will be sent to you with instructions how to reset your password.
  • How often does CashFlowTool (Lite or Pro) sync with my QuickBooks Online or Desktop?

    QuickBooks Online If you are using QuickBooks Online, CashFlowTool automatically syncs weekly (every Sunday) by default.   You can adjust this to sync whenever you need.  Simply go to setting (gear icon next to business and scroll to the button to the "Auto update" section and adjust as needed....
  • Is CashFlowTool synced with bank statements? Can I set a company's internal cash flow details for incoming and outgoing funds?

    CashFlowTool pulls transactional data directly from QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online. If your bank accounts are connected to QuickBooks, then all of your reconciled bank transactions will be shown.
  • Is my financial information safe and secure?

    Yes. uses bank-level SSL and TLS cryptographic protocols to provide communication security over the Internet. This includes authentication and data encryption to ensure your data is private and always protected.
  • User + Client Management for Accounting Firms

    CashFlowTool makes it easy to manage all your clients’ cash flow in one place. All CashFlowTool plans also offer unlimited users to access your clients’ cash flow. A user can be someone at your company (i.e., your staff) or at your client’s company. For seamless setup, create a CashFlowTool acc...
  • What browsers are supported?

    Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge (new version), Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari are supported.  Microsoft Internet Explorer is not supported.  We recommend using Google Chrome and the new Microsoft Edge to get the best experience.
  • What countries is CashFlowTool available in today

    Today CashFlowTool works in the U.S. and in Canada.
  • What happens after my accounting trial ends?

    After your accounting trial expires, you will no longer be able to update your financials from QuickBooks. You can still login, and view your cash flow calendar and dashboards. To restore full functionality, select an accounting plan and add payment.
  • What if I own multiple businesses?

    If you own multiple businesses and would like to use CashFlowTool for each of your businesses, you will need a separate subscription for each business. Contact for pricing and help setting it up:
  • Which versions of QuickBooks does CashFlowTool work with?

    QuickBooks Online: QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Advanced and QuickBooks Non-Profit Edition QuickBooks Desktop: Pro, Premier, Enterprise 2012 - current and QuickBooks Non-Profit Edition
  • Why does my A/R and A/P show as $0?

    Issue:  CashFlowTool shows $0 for both A/R and A/P. Resolution: Check to make sure your accounting method is set to accrual basis instead of cash basis in QuickBooks. QuickBooks Online QuickBooks Des...
  • Why does my cash balance in CashFlowTool not match my cash balance in QuickBooks?

    By default, the cash amount in CashFlowTool includes all accounts categorized as “Bank” plus undeposited funds. Sometimes the undeposited funds amount is what can make the difference of CashFlowTool not matching the QuickBooks balance. Make sure you are looking at the “book balance” in QuickBooks...