• Can I add manually added transactions to the forecast?

    Yes, you can add both single and recurring cash-in or cash-out transactions to your forecast and see the results instantly in your cash flow forecast.
  • Can I exclude a bank account from the cash flow forecast?

    Yes, you can choose to exclude individual bank accounts from your cash flow forecast. Select the Cash flow forecast tab Choose the Settings button Select the Cash accounts tab Toggle individual cash account on or off Save changes You will need to update your financials before these changes take...
  • Can I get a demo of CashFlowTool?

    Yes, you can schedule a demo with us using the following link: (
  • Do you offer phone support?

    The Pro Plus plan provides phone support and quarterly coaching sessions. After you sign-up for Pro Plus, you will be provided details.
  • Do you offer special pricing for accountant or advisors?

    Yes, we offer special pricing for our accounting and advisor partners.  See the following page for current pricing details: (
  • Do you support Xero accounting package?

    At this time, CashFlowTool does not support Xero, but is on our product road-map.  If you are interested in using CashFlowTool with Xero, contact us via chat and ask to be put on our waiting list.
  • How many months in the future do you forecast?

    CashFlowTool forecasts the next 6 months each time you update financials.
  • How many people can I invite to my business?

    You can invite an unlimited number of users to CashFlowTool.  To see how to invite users and set permissions, view the following page: (
  • What browsers are supported?

    Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Microsoft Edge are supported.  Microsoft Internet Explorer is not support.  We recommend using Google Chrome.
  • What happens after my trial ends?

    After your trial expires, you will no longer be able to update your financials from QuickBooks. You can still login, and view your cash flow calendar and dashboards. To restore full functionality, select a plan ( and add payment.
  • Why does my A/R and A/P show as $0?

    Issue:  CashFlowTool shows $0 for both A/R and A/P. Resolution: Check to make sure your accounting method is set to accrual basis instead of cash basis in QuickBooks. QuickBooks Online (https://quickb...