User + Client Management for Accounting Firms

CashFlowTool makes it easy to manage all your clients’ cash flow in one place. All CashFlowTool plans also offer unlimited users to access your clients’ cash flow.

A user can be someone at your company (i.e., your staff) or at your client’s company.

For seamless setup, create a CashFlowTool account using an email that all staff members can use (i.e., or select one person’s email to set this up.

Create Your Account

(select ‘For My Clients’ during setup)

This is called your CashFlowTool ‘Master Account’.

Under this account you can:

  • Add/remove new clients
  • Invite/remove users for each client
  • Manage your subscription (i.e., update credit card, change subscription).

The below diagram outlines the structure of how clients and users fit underneath the ‘Master Account’.


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