Update required continues to display even after updating

After updating to the newest version of Finagraph Connect for CashFlowTool, QuickBooks still displays Update required after selecting Sync or connect 


Finagraph Connect no longer displays in Windows system tray.

Use the following steps to uninstall the existing version of Finagraph Connect and reinstall the newest version:

  1. From QuickBooks Desktop, select Edit / Preferences
  2. Select Integrated Applications
  3. Select Company Preferences tab
  4. Select Finagraph Connect from list of installed add-ins
  5. Select Remove to remove the Finagraph Connect add-in
  6. Close QuickBooks Desktop 
  7. From Windows Start screen, select 'Add or Remove Programs'
  8. Locate Finagraph Connect 
  9. Choose to Uninstall Finagraph Connect
  10. Close all applications and restart Microsoft Windows.  (Do not skip this step.) 
  11. Reinstall Finagraph Connect using the following download:  https://api.finagraphstrongbox.com/v1/setup/quickbooksdesktop 
  12. Open QuickBooks Desktop 
  13. Open the company file as a QuickBooks Desktop admin user.  (Only a QuickBooks Desktop Admin user can authorize the installation of a QuickBooks Desktop Add-in.)
  14. If prompted, grant access to Finagraph Connect  (See Step two on page https://www.cashflowtool.com/installfinagraphconnect)

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