The Finagraph Connect icon in the system tray does not display after opening the company file

If you do not see the Finagraph Connect icon in the Windows System tray AFTER opening your company file, try the following:

1.  The first time you open the QuickBooks Desktop company file you need to login as an QuickBooks admin user. Only the admin user of the company file can grant permission to enable QuickBooks Desktop add-ins.

2.  Verify Finagraph Connect add-in is installed.  From within QuickBooks Desktop, select Edit / Preferences. Select Integrated Applications and view Company Preferences. You should see Finagraph Connect listed.  (Note: you must be running in signal user mode to edit preferences.)

3.  Close QuickBooks Desktop.  Restart QuickBooks Desktop, open the company file, and try again.

4.  Restart Microsoft Windows and try again.

See step-by-step troubleshooting steps here:

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