Troubleshooting Right Networks Finagraph Connect setup

Finagraph Connect will need to be installed by Right Networks for you.  Open a support ticket with Right Networks and request CashFlowTool Finagraph Connect be installed on your account.  If needed, direct Right Networks to the following page on how to install Finagraph Connect.

There are three common issues why Finagraph Connect fails to sync.

1.    The company file is not opened using QuickBooks Desktop Admin user.  

2.    Finagraph Connect is not installed by RightNetworks on the server.  (See steps to verify installation below.)

3.    Google Chrome is not the default browser and Internet Explorer launches instead (Set Google Chrome as the default browser, see below)

#1 Login to QuickBooks Desktop as using the Admin account

After Finagraph Connect is properly installed, the next time you open the company file, you should be prompted to authorize Finagraph to connect to your company file.  You MUST login as the QuickBooks Desktop Admin user at least once to enable the Finagraph Connect Add-in.

If you do not see the authorization screen or the Finagraph Connect icon is not shown in the system tray, make sure you have opened the company file using the user name Admin and the admin password.

#2 Verify Finagraph Connect is installed

Verify Finagraph Connect has been installed by Right Networks by following these steps:

  • Open the company file as a QuickBooks Desktop admin user (only a QuickBooks Desktop Admin user can authorize the installation of a QuickBooks Desktop Add-in
  • From QuickBooks Desktop, select Edit / Preferences
  • Select Integrated Applications
  • Select Company Preferences tab
  • Verify you see Finagraph Connect listed.  If you do not see Finagraph Connect listed, contact Right Networks and ask them to validate the installation of Finagraph Connect.

#3 Set Google Crome as the default browser

After selecting **Connect or sync,**a new browser windows should open.  If a new browser windows does not open, contact support.

If Microsoft Internet Explorer opens, you will need to set Google Chrome as the default browser.  Internet Explorer is no longer supported.

Use these steps to change the default browser in Right Networks to Google Chrome:

  1. Launch Internet Explorer
  2. Click on Settings
  3. Choose Internet Options
  4. Choose the Programs tab
  5. click Set Programs under "Internet Programs"
  6. Choose Set Your Default Programs
  7. Choose Google Chrome
  8. "Set This Program as Default," click OK
  9. Close the Set Default Programs window.
  10. Click OK on the Internet Options window

NOTE: As a quick workaround, you can copy the long URL from Internet Explorer's address bar into a new tab in Google Chrome.

When the browser window opens, you will be prompted to login to your CashFlowTool account.  After logging into your CashFlowTool account, syncing will automatically start.

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